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May 2017 - My 2nd marriage proposal

4 Mai 2017 , Rédigé par Karine

Last week, I got an unexpected phone call: “Would you marry me? I can give you 20,000$ for it. No string attached. We divorced as soon as we can. You seem like an honest girl”. I met the guy twice in my life. I have to admit the recent immigration law...

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June 2016 - The 5 love languages

25 Avril 2017 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Dating

I never knew but everyone has a primary and secondary love language among the five following: - Words of Affirmation - Physical Touch - Quality Time - Gifts - Act of Services The good news is that you do not need to have the same love languages, and you...

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May 2016 - 36 questions to fall in love

25 Avril 2017 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Dating

I always wondered how people can fall in love. When it happened to me, it was always unexpected. But here I found this very interesting article and the questions become gradually more and more personal. After doing several rounds with different friends,...

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Voilà Sydney - Enfin du tri dans les infos pour les francophones à Sydney

23 Septembre 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Pour les francophones qui seraient à Sydney, j'ai rencontreé un belge qui vient lancer http://www.voilasydney.com/ Un site d'info d'actualité en français un peu sur le thème du Courrier International mais avec la volonté de faire le tri, notamment avec...

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July 2014 - Australia can do wine

30 Juillet 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Yesterday I attended a wine workshop by Peter Bourne. I swear to God, I drank the best champagne and whites (Chardonnay...) of my life: 2010 Chandon Vintage Collection Les Trois Rosé, Yarra Valley, VIC ($45) 2012 Monteveccchio Bianco, Heathcote, VIC 2014...

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July 2014 - Holidays in Paris

18 Juillet 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

A little holiday in France is always welcome when some of friends are getting married :) After three years, I was quite amazed by the changes performed by the city of Paris and the improvements they were trying to do around the infrastructure. Some suburbs...

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July 2014 - Y'a trop de français sur le Plateau

5 Juillet 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

For the French speaking fellows living overseas, you are going to enjoy this little song from Fred Fresh "Y'a trop de français sur le Plateau". Although it talks about French people being too numerous in Montréal, I believe the described attitude is quite...

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June 2014 - Urban dictionary

18 Juin 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Hum, sometimes I realise I am still a still stranger (or an oldie!). I bumped into this article "Urban dictionary words that have to do" from Melissa Hoyer at the Daily Telegraph, and I don't even use 10% of these words :S "LET’S BIN: Totes Amazeballs...

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June 2014 - The President of the USA of Australia

5 Juin 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Anyone feeling embarrassed? This is too funny! You have to watch this if you don't know our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HOB): Tony Abbott, President of the USA of Australia

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February 2014 - Guinness Record Break: The biggest blind date

25 Février 2014 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Dating

For once in my life, I can say I broke a Guinness record for participating to the biggest blind date organised in the world (with 700 other people too!). And I have to admit, there is a valid reason why Sydney is renown to have a shortage of suitable...

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