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November 2013 - Update

29 Novembre 2013 , Rédigé par Karine

At my last expat meet-up, I’ve heard again that the employment market was getting tougher. Gone are the days where the candidate had the bargaining power. It is now back in the hand of companies to cherry pick who they want. It used to be ‘Do you have some Australian work experience? Are you a permanent resident?’ and that was it. But now there is more competition on the market, less money to be spent, people takes months to find a new job, when it used to be a few weeks or even days.

On the other hand, the property market is going frenzy lately, due to the low interest rates. The lowest in decades, and people are predicting it is going to stay as is for at least the first quarter 2014. Then the banks tend to think it is going to increase. But if the economy is not getting better, it might be that the interest rates keep on being low for longer.

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