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Sydney Night Cruise with Tourist Tips - from Marty & Moog

12 Décembre 2013 , Rédigé par Karine

A former Sydneysider expat sent me this video about a Sydney night ride with two Aussie boys (Marty and Moog) and I hope you are going to enjoy it (I did)

Sydney Night Cruise with Tourist Tips

The video must have been taken a few months before it got posted (Sep 2013) because the monorail is still here, when it has been officially dismantled back in June 2013. Poor thing, it wasn't sustainable financially as it was going in one sense only, was quite expensive and did not offer additional connections such as linking The Rocks with Darling Harbour or even Bangaroo/King St Wharf/Pyrmont peninsula. I actually rode on the thing because we organised a pub crawl before the final closure. The carriages don't communicate within each other and it looks more like an attraction park train rather than a proper public transport. Anyway, the fact that Moob is originally from Tassie is quite funny because they were speculations that only QLD or TAS could be interested into rebuying the whole thing (duh?), and he kind of say that regional people are not that dumb and wouldn't take on board something which was not financially sustainable.

They also talk about the Ivy, 330 George st, as an exclusive place... Well on a Sunday night, it is the gay exclusive night and apart from that it is not really exclusive. I actually found it that it was more Asian than anything on Friday nights. And with a mojito at $15 and beers at $10, I believe you need to make room for more customers rather than less, considering the space and the cost of it. For a certain amount of time, when Ivy opened, it was rumoured that they were in deficit, because they were too exclusive. As long as you look clean ie no hoodies, no sneakers, you can get in for $20 on Friday/Saturdays nights.

And also the chain 'Pancakes on the Rocks' is one of the rare places to be open all night long. You have another one in Harbourside, Darling Harbour. It is about $15-$20 a meal.

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