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January 2014 - Sydney Festival - Merchants Store

26 Janvier 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Thanks to the Sydney Festival, I get to discover the artist Leandro Erlich. Previously an architect, now a reknown artist, he uses the knowledge he has acquire during his training to use the space to be another form of art, but most importantly, you as a spectator, you can be part of the art and I should say, you must be part of it, otherwise you are not expressing the fullness of the message : Space is deconstructed for you to be yours, in a dimension which wouldn't be accessible without him. He happened to be exposing accross the planet and even in France !! And he was in places no less prestigiou than the Palais de Tokyo, Nuit Blanche, le Musée d'Art Moderne and FNAC... Someone to follow !!

Sources : http://www.leandroerlich.com.ar/

January 2014 - Sydney Festival - Merchants StoreJanuary 2014 - Sydney Festival - Merchants Store

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