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June 2014 - Urban dictionary

18 Juin 2014 , Rédigé par Karine

Hum, sometimes I realise I am still a still stranger (or an oldie!). I bumped into this article "Urban dictionary words that have to do" from Melissa Hoyer at the Daily Telegraph, and I don't even use 10% of these words :S


Totes Amazeballs — Used either alone or together. Enough!

Chillaxing — We get it, you’re on holiday.

Passion for fashion — Straight from an 80s department store catalogue.

Fashionista - Enough said.

LMFAO - In fact using any acronym (OMG, IMHO) in real-time chat is so annoying.

Anywho — And that means what exactly?

Hilare — We used to love it. Then everyone started using it.

My bad — It’s just cringe-worthy now.

Nom Nom Nom — Only the late actor Peter Sellers in The Party can say ‘birdie num num’ and make it funny.

Whatevs — It’s dismissive and rude.

Talk to the hand — Grrrrrrr.

Bwahaha — Hahaha usually suffices.

I ‘seen’ him perform — Since when has that become a thing?

Awks — Actually there’s a real word here. It’s called awkward.

Bae — It means ‘baby’ to various celebrity types

Incred — There’s an ‘ible’ at the end of that one

At the end of the day - Snooze

Bromance — Boring

Par-Tay — Was fun. Once. Many parties ago.

Not — At the end of obviously negative statements.

Old school sayings like ‘another day, another dollar’ - Yep, we get it.

‘Like’ - We did this and ‘like’ it was great and ‘like’ we had an unreal time.

Shut the front door - I never got this one.

Hashtag — Words like #justsayin and let’s not even discuss #winning but then, it’s so bad it’s sort of become good again.

Seriously/Literally - ‘I was about to die’. But you didn’t.

Cray cray — It’s just good old crazy and nutty

Bestest — As in my ‘bestest’ friend and it was the ‘bestest’ thing I‘ve ever eaten. It. is. Not. A. Word.

“.com” — Youresoannoying.com, I’mbored.com, getalife.com

Emoshe — As in “I’m totes emoshe”. (That’s emotional to the rest of us).

Embaz — That’s ‘embarrassing’ not a new Baz Luhrmann production.

Boyfie — I have a boyfriend, not a boyfie.

Funky and edgy — We get it. You’re a client and you brief your ad agency to create a ‘funky’ and ‘edgy’ campaign. Yawn.











Selfie (let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere!)


On fire

Grouse (Yes, it has made a triumphant return).


Source : http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/urban-dictionary-words-that-have-to-go-totes-amazeballs-chillaxing-lolz-yummy-mummy-my-bad-whatevs/story-fni0bo9u-1226957836038?sv=aed551a524cdcfaef5986e6d81f2bd0d&&net_sub_uid=74384922

Twitter @newscomauhq and @melissahoyer

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