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26-29 February 2012 - Visitors from overseas : Elo

4 Mars 2012 , Rédigé par Karine

It has been a while I haven't had some visitors from overseas and I was very happy to have Elodie and her boyfriend, Nicolas, in Sydney. I know her since university and we used to be flatmates for a short while in Paris. It is always a great pleasure to host and treat friends you've known for more than ten years, especially when they make all the way from France to here, especially when they take the longest flight ever (36h with Emirates) !! We went to the Blue Moutains for hiking and the Hunter Valley for wine tasting. We also had a taste of the beach lifestyle since they also have another friend in Bondi Beach, so they had a bit of everything, since I live in the city area, next to the nightlife, bars and restaurants.




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