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January 2013 - Happy 2013

23 Janvier 2013 , Rédigé par Karine

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! It has been a while I haven’t posted and the main reason is that after 5 years and a half, I can’t really distinguish what is cross-culturally interesting anymore. I am still amazed to wake up every day in Sydney and the permanent residency has really allowed me to project myself here (i.e study, house hunting, health lengthy treatments, etc, etc...). But I got used to it, and I now call Sydney home...Even if you can argue that my English still needs to be improved and that I am not technically an Australian yet: The immigration just told me that my ceremony wouldn’t happen on Australia Day (26 Jan), so I have to be patient ... !!! Damn it ! I was telling everyone that I was tentatively booked for Hyde Park (Anzac Memorial?? Archibald Fountain?? Private Sydney Festival concert??) and jollying all around about how special would be the ceremony, with a boat in Darling Harbour and some personal history videos, and so on and so on... But no, dismissed...Hum, next time, I should just shut the f*ck up...


Anyway, in the meantime, my parents came to visit me for a few weeks, and I am doing an intensive Vietnamese language crash course at home. My parents actually have Vietnamese as their first language, French as their second, and then English. My parents can speak fluent English: My dad used to study in the US and worked overseas for many years; My mom’s dream was to live in the UK to study English and she used to drag me to the British/American meet-ups in my neighbourhood to eat Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween pumpkin tarts and some unknown cakes with no translation in French whatsoever... But for some reasons, they keep switching back to French instead of English, when they have to speak another language than Vietnamese, even if I am the only one speaking French among the Sydneysider family members here... And my relos doesn’t know a word of French, apart from the song “Frère Jacques” which they translated in Vietnamese anyway (don’t ask why, some legacy from the French colonies)


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