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May 2013 - The end of the Australian dream?

21 Mai 2013 , Rédigé par Karine


One of the most recurrent topic I have lately is how much Sydney has become overpriced for what it is. It can sound like I have become a tight-ass, but it looks like to be a more and more common comment around me. Obviously with an Australian job, the cost of living is bearable, but I start to think that the Australian dream is fading away as more and more working holiday visas I meet are taking longer to find a job and are also struggling more to find one. The first obstacle is to find that first Australian work experience. Note it does also applies to Australian citizens who have been away for more than 10 years. They get that comment too from recruiters. The other thing which is making Sydney even less attractive is how much job seekers have to spend to afford an accommodation and basic commodities. All added together, it tends to discourage people to try their luck too long in the city. The other problem is that the elections for the Prime Minister are coming this very September and with Tony Abbot being ahead in the ranking, there is a political climate which is not favourable for sponsoring foreigners (Remember ‘Stop the boats’). I found this all too depressing. We do need more skilled people and we do need a bigger Australia to keep the economy to sustain. I don’t think that at the moment we are doing our very best for a brighter future while cutting down on the education budget and closing our borders to these much needed brains… This among other measures…












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