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Monday 11 January 2011 - Lost in translation (2)

10 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Cross-Cultural


Lost in translation – Vietnamese


As you may know, accents are very important in Vietnamese as a same word can have as many different meanings as it can bear different accents. To give you an example, my cousin was telling me the other day a story about the potential misunderstandings due to the lack of Vietnamese accents on Australian mobiles. She was waiting for her husband while picking up the kids at school and wanted to write “ êm chờ ở trường cho anh” / ”I wait for you at school” but without accent it actually looks like “em cho o truong cho anh” which her husband actually understood as “I wait for you naked” [truồng]. Who’s the yummy mummy now ??? :-)



Lost in translation – French >> English


While talking to a French Canadian, she was telling me one of her lost in translation stories. During her backpacking moments, she met a lot of people in hostels and used to play cards. At some point, she wasn’t sure about the different combinations she could lay out i.e full house, fluish, straight ... and at that time, she wasn’t aware that the word “ace” wasn’t pronounced the same as way as the word “ass” whereas in French  we actually say “as” (which means “ace”) the same way English people say “ass”...  She actually discovered the thing because she eventually said “I don’t know what I can with my as(s)” and one of the contestant actually answered to her “What do you mean, babe? There’s a lot of thing you can do with. You want to show you?”

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