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Saturday 27 August 2011 - Party in the house

27 Août 2011 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Sydney Life

I was organizing a party on the rooftop of my building, which is centrally located with the view on Sydney skyline, perfect for a Full Moon Party. While selecting the people, I asked my roommate who she wanted to add, and she answered “You know I don’t have that many friends” which I replied to her “It is not because I am inviting more than one hundred people to our place, that they will all come. Most of the time, 50% would say they would come and then maybe 80% of them will really turn up with last minute add-ons”. I explained to her that the owner of Tatlers, my favourite club in Sydney , confirmed that sort of ideas. His place is only on recommendation. You can only enter if you know the owner, you are on the guest list or you are dressed up (costume). He says that he always prefers smaller lists (i.e  20-30 people) because the turn-up rate is much higher than bigger lists. In fact, the bigger the list, the less you know the people, and the less the commitment of your guests. You can’t humanly know very well one hundred people… But you can see on a regularly basis twenty people and expect them to come to your party or to be polite enough to give you an excuse not to come. The smaller the list, the better the quality … And when you look at it, I see it in my meet-ups: there is a critical number to reach for people to think, it might be a good meet-up, that they are going to network and get something out of it. From experience, that number is around 30 people and starting from 50 people, it is the word of mouth which is making the thing growing up to a bigger number…


So I say to my roommate “You know, this kind of party, it is good for the guests when there are lots of people, because that’s a common way for people to think it is a good party: when they get to meet a lot of people. But from the organizer's perspective, you don’t really enjoy your night and it is mostly work because you spend your night between the door, the phone, saying hello/good bye and dealing with everybody’s requests (i.e No I don’t have his number, yes she is single, sorry I don’t where the other toilet rolls are ….). For the host's perspective, the best is when it is manageable to spend more than 15 minutes talking to the same person about deeper subjects than current news, gossips and week-end plans, which is a maximum of 20 people” So yes, I do organize parties, mostly because I know people are always constantly looking for new friends, for a place to meet and where they come from a place of some sort of common reference (like-minded people tend to hang out together), but deep down, I know that the best is when I get my friends to organize something with their selected crowd only... And the reality is that 90% people are happy with 20-30 people at their place, not really much more J


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