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Saturday 28 April 2012 - Cross-Cultural Analysis of Models of Romantic Love

28 Avril 2012 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Dating

Oh, another cross cultural analyse on romantic love among U.S. Residents, Russians, and Lithuanians ? Yummy !!


What is actually quirky, is that it says : Most Americans (58%) take between 2 months to a year to fall in love.  In contrast, more than 90 percent of Lithuanians report falling in love within a month!


The results also show "that there is no overall consensus but there was cross-cultural consensus on five variables: intrusive thinking, happiness; passion; altruism; and improve well-being of partner. In the freelist portion, [they] also found some significant similarities—particularly the desire to be together was ranked first across all three cultures. However key cultural differences were found. Friendship and comfort love were critical features of romantic love for the U.S. sample, but nonexistent for the Lithuanian and Russian samples. Conversely, the latter two samples saw love as “unreal,” “temporary,” and “a fairytale.” "


Well I think most of the French people would be closer to their Eastern European vision of love, but then again, everything is in the nature !! 



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