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Saturday 9 June 2012 - Colour Blind

9 Juin 2012 , Rédigé par Karine


The other day, I was a little irritated by my new roommate, because he kept using one of my towels every other day. Even if I kept putting his back on his rack, he would still keep using mine every other day or two. So I decided to tell him and ask him to choose one for good and not using mine. And that’s where he answered back to me “Karine, I am colour blind’ (daltonien)




I’ve never met a colour blind person before!! Suddenly it started to be very funny, and I showed him all the things in the house (boxes, food, plants, clothes... Undies??? ;)). And I realised he cannot distinguish yellow/green, blue/ pink, turquoise/ grey, and purple doesn’t exist for him as it is either pink or red (actually when he doesn’t know, he says purple and he gets away with it as everyone has a different notion of purple). Every time, I was pointing something, he had to analyse and think. I would say “I think/I believe” instead of “I see”. Sometimes his mind would change depending on the luminosity, the fabric/material of the object and/or the surrounding things as he would also consider contrast of the colour compared as the other colours around. In clear, he would deduct what colour it would be, and not actually see it. He would assume certain things would be certain colours because he was told so, but for him, it could actually be the same colour altogether.




I asked him if he could see other colour we didn’t see. Apparently no, he cannot see colours we don’t see. Plus there are no words to describe them, so I have no way to imagine or represent myself what colour would be those unseen colours?? I am not even sure if he sees only yellow when it is yellow or green, or if it is another colour altogether. I asked him if there were some funny situations he had encountered and he wouldn’t recall anything particularly distracting, except one day, he was actually attracted to the green eyes of a girl, and when he told her, she laughed and said they were actually maroon... Or this other situation where he watched a movie with his friends and a car blew up and he said “Such a shame for the yellow car” and his friends would look at him and say “It was actually pea-green”


Then I realised that he couldn’t be a terrorist as he wouldn’t be able to defuse a bomb!! How would he distinguish the red cable from the green or the yellow one?




And then I realised he would maybe see me as green!!! And then I realised that the people who would have seen aliens as little green creatures could have been colour blind people bumping into bold Chinese!!!




Well anyway, I told him that if he has the best pick-up technique as he could go to any shopping mall and ask any lady to help him choosing his clothes/gift/groceries as he wouldn’t be able to see the proper colour...





And then I realised he cannot be a cook!!!! He cannot make four seasons’ pizzas as it would be just a mono degraded colour pizza to him... Damned, such a dull eating life!!




And then I realised that you cannot regret something you have never ever known. It's like s*x !! As long as you are virgin, you have no idea what you are missing out there !!




Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_blindness

Pictures : http://free-extras.com/images/alien-2776.htmtheappera.com, samcynsedibleadventures.squarespace.com, swaptopia.net



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