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Sunday 15 July 2012 - Human limitation to networking

15 Juillet 2012 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Cross-Cultural

I am starting to have Alzheimer. I was convinced I wrote an article about it, but couldn't find it and decided I should write it a second time (or first?). Well anyway, I often get the comment that I must know loads of people due to my Newcomers Network volunteering stuff, but I would like to say it is fairly untrue.


The main reason is : I believe there is a human limitation to networking


Let's make some numbers. During a year, you have 365 days you need to allocate.

Let's say you want to spend one day per week with your family, one day with your closest friends, one day for your house chores and the likes, it would leave you with 365-(3*52)= 209 days to allocate. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or just sport/hobby tume, it can take an additional day per week (minimum)


 365 days to allocate

- 52 days for family

- 52 days for close friends

- 52 days for house chores

- 52 days for a boyfriend/girlfriend/hobby



157 days left allocated to potential networking 


Out of these 157 days, you may be to able to see your other circle of friends maybe once every two weeks or at worst, twice a year. So you have a potential of approx 80 other contacts. 


All in all, you cannot know more people than what you can accomodate in your life.


There is actually a theory called the "Dunbar"s number". It says that the networking limit one can have is 150 people. Above that number, you lose track and you cannot have a significant relationship (i.e you don't remember this person and what was her/his story).


So no, I don't know that many people, sorry !!!! :)



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