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Sunday 15 July 2012 - Welcome to the club

15 Juillet 2012 , Rédigé par Karine


Today, I went for my first lesson of salsa on 2 intermediate (they call it Mambo style or New York style). At the end of the lesson, the teacher said that now we made the journey to this level, everytime we would go to Pumphouse for Monday salsa classes (intermediate advanced on 1), we wouldn't need to pay anymore because we've made all the way to here: beginners, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, intermediate advanced on 1, and then again beginner on 2, intermediate on 2. All he wanted, was for us to enjoy the night (Bar entrance free still applies). He also made a point not to tell people that the attendance to this class would grant free Monday classes as he wants people to come for the right reasons: They enjoy salsa and they have no attitude (very Australian, by the way). The nice thing also, is that after the Sunday class, most of us would go nearby for coffee, smoothy or a quick diner.



After two years of dancing, I found that the main problem on the salsa scene is the attitude. People tend to forget they were beginners. Some of them can tend to despise the ones who are not on the same level. They forget it used to be a foreign and long way before you could stop counting your steps and stop thinking "What am I doing here?". They lost the focus that it was all about having fun and a nice interaction with someone else, which could potentially be a good mate. 



For some reasons, I felt it was a milestone. I felt I joined a network. And it only works because it bears standards and values you believe in and you want to have for yourself. (Or maybe I just realised I join a salsa sect and my head is totally inflating at the moment !!!)


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