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Sunday 16 May 2011 - Le choix par dépit

15 Mai 2011 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Cross-Cultural

After five weeks in France, I thought I would be homesick, but no... I was happy to come back because I realized I had a life in Sydney. It is like you are in two parallel worlds. I read somewhere "It is a curse to be in love with two countries" and I really feel like it. 

Another thing which came to my mind is: When I was back in France, I´ve seen a lot of people  complaining about their situation but doing nothing about it... In addition of the usual complaining that most French do. Maybe it is the fact that I am living overseas and that I had to start from ground zero or maybe it is the fact that the Anglo-Saxon culture is more practical, but when I was looking for the translation of "choix par dépit", I found it very funny and culturally revealing that there is no exact translation in English... They give you "resentment" ou "bitter disappointment" or "on the rebound" (for love)... Whereas the exact meaning in French would be something more like "second choice/couldn´t find better/no hope of improvement for a resentful situation"... And the English translation, it seems clear to me that they translate it a state which is limited in the time, whereas in French, it describes a situation which can last undefinitely...

So yes, definitely, moving to Australia gave me hope that life could be better and things are possible, whether I translate/interprete correctly or incorrectly French vocabulary into English :)

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