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Sunday 8 January 2012 - Lost in translation (3)

8 Janvier 2012 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Cross-Cultural

Last night, I was talking to a Scottish expat who spent a year in Paris and he said to me that the hardest thing he couldn't pronounce was 'Merci beaucoup' (Thank you very much). For some reasons, he cannot make the sounds "coup" properly, and something else spills out. This is how he explained it to me:


"See, I can't help it, everytime I would go somewhere, it became a sound automatism ! So I would go the restaurant, and the waitress would come along and give us our meals. And then, here I go without any control of it: 'Merci beau-cul' (Thank you, nice ass). You should see the face of the girl ! Damned it, I tried so many times to train myself in front of mirror, I could never make it !!!"



So it made me laugh and I told him another 'Lost in translation' threads of mine


"I use to have that acquaintance whose first name was Fanny. In France, it doesn't mean anything, but in here it is unbeareable as it means "pussy". Also, the other day, I went to a French Get together and I bumped into that lady whose last name is Fuks (Apparently it is originally from Germany). I suggested her if she could try to change her name on her resume (can you?), since she was unemployed, and has never looked for a job in an Anglo-Saxon country. And then, I also had that friend, who got married and had to change her name to Noti*

- Are you saying Miss Fuks became Mrs Naughty ?"



*Orignal spelling has been modified here but the pronuciation is the same in English

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