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Thursday 26 May 2011 – The pursuit of happiness

26 Mai 2011 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Sydney Life

Australia often hits the top five when it comes the best place to live. Among the competitors, you always find Canada, New Zealand and one of the Nordic countries like Sweden or Norway (The Economist, May 2011) Not surprisingly, when you compare GDP against work/life balance, they are still majoring everyone. And when you look at it, I had a funny comment from one of my Canadian friend (Québec) and she said that all French-Canadian women she knew came back to Canada and when attending her Canadian get together, she could count on her hand the number of female who decided to stay... Especially compared to the French women who are more numerous to stay. According to the charts, it is a win-win situation to be in both places, but as soon as you start to have children, you are stuck in Australia : Airflights ticket can be easily $3,000 return from Sydney to Montréal and also another important point : work opportunities are better in North America... So for certain persons, Australia is not the best place to be, but it is hard to beat. When you look at it, France is not that bad, but for the French people, especially the ones under 30’s, the future is not promising in their country for 75% of the population (Le Monde, 30.03.2011). Plus the education system encourages more and more students to attend overseas assignments, so it might explain why we have more and more educated French people willing to live overseas. Ex: In my business school, it has become compulsory otherwise you couldn’t graduate. And when I graduated, I remember that it was common to think that a lack of overseas experience was a minus (versus before when being assigned overseas was a plus)


20110526 Well being and health 


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