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August 2013 - The Aussie Sarah Palin – Politics OMG

13 Août 2013 , Rédigé par Karine

Oh My God! I always thought that people considering politics were required to have a minimum level of general knowledge, but it looks like that in Australia, you don’t even need your HSC (equiv. Bac or A level). Paul Keating, one of the previous Australian Prime Minister, didn’t even finish it. And this young lady, Stephanie Banister from One Nation, is saying confidently that islam is a country? That That Jews have their own religion, which Jesus Christ?? Please, have your speech reviewed twice or more by qualified advisors? You’re on national TV, darling! Have an opinion for yourself through this footage.

At some point, it is good to know that anyone can make it but on the other hand, you understand why young people are considering their own political party! Anyone can do it! Look at Julian Assange who decided to create the Wikileaks party. https://www.wikileaksparty.org.au/

I actually had a look to know how much it would take to create one. After all, 40% of the population has one parent born overseas and 25% are born overseas.
And it seems that there is not much needed than finding a unique name, have 500-550 members checked on electoral roll and pay $500 for registration. Hum… I am sure someone on Facebook could create a political party with that !!! Oh yeah, you have to be Australian, otherwise you don’t have the right (duty) to vote.


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