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September 2013 - Lost in translation

13 Septembre 2013 , Rédigé par Karine Publié dans #Dating

Here are a few words Native English speakers should not use when speaking French:

1/ “Oh, j’adore les facials” ie “I love facials” You mean you fancy beauty treatments versus French people understand you like to have s%m%n splashed in your face

2/ “Je suis excitée” ie “I’m excited” You mean you are very happy versus French people understand you are horny

Another one, but this time for French people mispronouncing certain words

3/ “Can we focus?” ie “Pouvons nous nous concentrer?” If you says focus French style, it sounds like “Can we fuck us?” to English speakers. Insist on the vowel “o” … Or use another word … :-)

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